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Who is Glen?

The Tattooed Celebrant, all about good vibes and good times. 

Hey legends, thanks for checking out my site. You are obviously on the hunt for a celebrant so let me tell you a little bit about myself because if I am going to be part of your day well maybe you should know a bit about me. I am Glen, your friendly tattooed/bearded celebrant who would love nothing more than to be an important part of your wedding journey. Please don't let the rough looks fool you, I love nothing more than marrying people whenever given the honour of being their celebrant. When I'm not hitching couples I am busy being a dad, and having recently completed my studies, busy being a Primary School Teacher. 

My background is civil construction (I know it's a big difference from marrying people and teaching), but I feel that this is what makes me a great celebrant, I am relatable to everyone and love to chat about anything and everything. It especially comes in handy for those nervous grooms as I feel my presence (and at times banter) can be a calming influence). 


Why did I become a celebrant?

A lot of people ask me.. "Hey Glen, why did you decide to become a celebrant?" Well, it's quite simple, when I got married back in 2014 I noticed there was something missing, that something was someone like me. Just a bloke who may look a bit rough around the edges but has a heart of gold (it's definitely in there somewhere).

After thinking about it for some time (and then some more time) I finally made the decision to get my ass into action and do this thing. I became registered in September 2019, and I have never looked back because I have been marrying legendary couples ever since. 


What can I offer you if you choose me as your celebrant? 

I see all wedding ceremonies as being the start of the celebrations, now don't get me wrong I am all for tradition, but I also think f%&k it, let's have some fun along the way. In all the ceremonies I script and conduct I aim to create a down to earth and relaxed vibe with a dash of sentiment thrown in there also, after all it is a day about love and I'm not a complete animal.


I offer three different packages, all dependent on the kind of hitching you are after. Details for these can be found here.

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